The Cup 2011

What went wrong after the game?

Our team, the Vancouver Canucks played a so so game against Boston for the Stanley Cup.

Boston won and they deserved it.  Life goes on, see you next year!

What happened after the game, chilled me to the bone.  When did we need a riot to express our feelings as a city?  I know, It was just a few people who decided that they need to burn cars, garbage and even police cars.  They also broke a lot of store windows and such.

We showed the world that Vancouver and it’s people had class, when we hosted the Olympic Games.  Where did the class go last night?  Maybe we just didn’t care as much or in a different way for the Olympics?  Maybe we are more passionate for the game of hockey?

As a hockey lover I enjoyed the series between Boston and Vancouver very much.  I think both teams played their best most of the time.  I do hope next year will be different for all.   If Vancouver plays the same next year and we face the same games for the cup, I do hope that the ending will be better and we can stand tall with our chest out, not like yesterday.


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