Real Estate Agent Bio

Real Estate Agent Bio/Spring Campaign 2011

“I listen, and then react”

Della Lee’s approach to life and being a Real Estate Adviser.

Della has over 20 years experience, she is knowledgeable, dedicated and understanding.  For Della, her repeat clients and referrals show that she knows her job well.  To her referrals are the highest compliments she can receive.

Due to her experience, Della enjoys working with different people, these include:

  • First time buyers
  • Young families
  • People downsizing
  • Investors

Della has calledVancouverhome for the past 25 years and she lives here with her young family.  The result of living inVancouveris that she is in a unique position to find a neighbourhood that would truly fit your needs and lifestyle.  Della knows what to look for in a location, this could mean to you transit, shopping, spas or maybe fitness centres.  She knows that location is as important as the home, since it will become your community as well as the neighbourhood for you and your family.  Della knows its people inside the homes that matter.

So she doesn’t push, she doesn’t rush, she gives you the information and advise you need to make informed decisions.

Sometimes, we don’t know what to do to increase the value to our properties

Let Della and her contractors revitalize and add value to your home.  Della gets the contractors and organizes the work with you.  She makes sure it’s done right and keeps you up to date with the details.  She makes it easier for you and gives you “peace of mind.”

Phone her and learn to get more from your investment.

Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you can make, make your with confidence.  Della doesn’t just look for a house in an area; she looks for a home in a neighbourhood that fits your needs.  She educates her clients, her presence and guidance makes the whole process easier to understand.

Phone Della Lee Now!

One Call Does It All!


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