Rochelle’s Corner to ‘From Rochelle’s Pen’

Today is June 15th, 2012 and it is a Friday evening.  Today I changed this blog from Rochelle’s Corner to ‘From Rochelle’s Pen.’  It is a new beginning for me as a writer.

I now have an article in a major magazine.  I have and still do, write a column for pet lovers.  I even tried writing for a money website!  I have more skills and experience than ever and I am learning new things everyday.  My skills as a writer are improving, my spelling and grammar are better.

Now, I need to work on getting more people looking at my blog.  I do have some different samples of my work on this blog.  I am going to need more.

I wrote this little blog as a minute in time, a time I sat in front of my computer and just smiled!


About fromrochellespen

I am a content writer, my passion is writing. My background is marketing/communications. I have written a Direct Mailing Postcard for a Real Estate Agent's campaign. Right now, I am volunteering my time at a local University's radio station as their writer and I also volunteer, as a weekly columnist on a website for pet lovers
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2 Responses to Rochelle’s Corner to ‘From Rochelle’s Pen’

  1. Karen Schauber says:

    Love your inquisitive style and humour. Keep it going!

    Karen Schauber
    in Vancouver

  2. datesex says:

    Nice blog over here! I’ll just wanna say thnx for that. If you like to visit my website cherk out: sex dating thanks for visiting!

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