The Painter, The Artist And The Writer

I am an artist.  Yet I don’t hold a brush.  You will never see any paintings from me nor any doodle art.  No napkin drawings with folded edges.

I am a writer. I have a pen in one hand.  You will find me on my computer or writing on a pad of paper –  scrapes of little bits of me here and there.

Lately I have noticed a few odd and wonderful moments when I wish I could take a picture or at least paint.  I always wanted to draw.  My drawing talent is a stick man with no neck and the whole image is oddly and slightly off.  Sometimes I pretend I could draw.   In my mind’s eye a pen is used by a professional artist (me) and the strokes I leave behind are equal to the greatest painters of all time!

As a painter or an artist you can see the end results.  The picture that took hours to paint is finally shown on a wall with the ‘right’ lights.   To sell this kind of art form is a bit easier than trying to sell our words.  The public views a painted picture.  Someone likes it or not, if they do they buy it.  The price is set by the time the artist takes, the supplies it took to make and anything else.  The buyer whips open his pocket-book and produces a cheque and writes the amount on it.  Sale is finished!

I wish it was as simple for a writer like myself.  I find that the written word is much different to everyone.  Some like my work, others don’t.  There is no word gallery where my pieces are put on the wall by wine drinking professionals.  Some of my friends don’t even read my blog, I hope others do! 

I feel like I need to prove myself much more than any other artist.  Maybe I am not an artist?  Is that the right word to use? Writer = Artist?? 

I still would like to carry my camera around and snap the esscent of an image.  I know people who can.  Their pictures come alive in front of your eyes.  Me, you can see me sometimes trying to take a picture of a branch of a tree or a flower from a weird position.  You can find me lying on my side or on my back.  I am trying to take the ‘perfect’ picture! 

 So, if you see a female hanging up-side down from a limb of a branch attached to a tree, don’t worry!  It is just me trying to take the ‘perfect’ picture!  If you feel the need to do, stop and say ‘hi’


About fromrochellespen

I am a content writer, my passion is writing. My background is marketing/communications. I have written a Direct Mailing Postcard for a Real Estate Agent's campaign. Right now, I am volunteering my time at a local University's radio station as their writer and I also volunteer, as a weekly columnist on a website for pet lovers
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2 Responses to The Painter, The Artist And The Writer

  1. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging
    on blogs I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always exciting to read content from other writers and use something from their web sites.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my site and your very lovely comment about my book. I hope you saw that all my profits are going to animal rescue, Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, the first and only no-kill shelter in Ventura County, CA, where I live. My hubby and I have been into rottie rescue for the past 28 years and now are branching out and supporting no-kill shelters. I see that you are an animal lover and I’m thrilled to have this connection with a new friend.

    If you ever feature other author’s work I’d love for you to consider mine. I can be reached at

    Wishing you Happy Holidays.

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